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We perform quite a lot of Exchange migration and are about to migrate users from an Exchange 2007 server onto an Exchange 2010 (different domaiin, servers etc) and so we require a lot of Exchange information such as aliases, who's getting forwards, distribution groups etc and although we can use the shell commands we are looking for a tool to do this easily. What we are looking for is a 3rd party program we can simply point at an Exchange server and it'll give us a very clear report on everything we would need.
Does anyone know of or have used such a program ?
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Sadly there is no such application.  I also do a lot of migrations and am always keeping my eyes open for tools like these and there just isn't one.
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I think this tool will come very close to what you want
http://www.vyapin.com/products/exchange-audit/exchange-server-reporting.htm  it has a lot of default reports available but you can also create your own customized.

You could do this with shell commands, but you will have to create a very complicated script to get this all in one output, because some information has to  be pulled out specific exchange cmdlets and other from AD cmdlets and you have to bind that toghter.


That's got most of it.


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