How do I use a comma in a string?

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I want to set my string variable, v_WksNamesStr, equal to the value of "Requirements", The code looks like this:

v_WksNamesStr = ""RequirementSummary","

Its looking for more after the comma.
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v_WksNamesStr = "RequirementSummary"

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It looks like you had too many doublequotes and a superfluous comma

Not sure if the comma is part of the string but if it is, then you have to do like this:

v_WksNamesStr = "RequirementSummary,"
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Are you looking for

v_WksNamesStr = """RequirementSummary"","
try this:

v_WksNamesStr = """RequirementSummary"","

This is because to encode a (") inside a string on Visual Basic, you should duplicate it.

Hope it helps.
Hi, did you notice that that was exactly what I proposed?

Thanks ModCorlEEone

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