AS400 cfgtcp Error occurred processing file

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I'm configuring an iseries as400 for tcp.  I have successfully processed these steps:
-  wrkhdwrsc *cmn
-  crtlineth lind(ETHLINE) rsrcname(CMN02) linespeed(100M)
-  vrycfg cfgobj(ETHLINE) cfgtype(*lin) status(*on)
-  wrkcfgsts cfgtype(*lin) cfgd(ETHLINE)

The line is varied on.  Then I typed:
-  cfgtcp

When I choose option 1 to Work with TCP/IP interfaces, I get an error "Error occurred processing file".  I did a wrksplf to see if there was some type of log to tell me what the problem is.  How can I find out what the issue is?  

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You need to look at your job log.
Use Display Job Log DSPJOBLOG command. Press F10 to get lower level messages, and page up to the error(s).
If you place the cursor on a message and press help, you get more details.
Post the messages back here to get started.

Hope this helps!
AndrewIT Consultant

Without viewing the joblog it is pretty hard to help.
The first thing you should check are your PTF levels and that the TCPIP utilities (5722TC1) are installed correctly.


I did a dspjoblog with F10 and it's empty.  I'm working on a disaster recovery plan.  So far this is what I've done:

-  restored the OS from the main AS/400 to our backup AS/400 (it says I have 71 days)
-  Restored the library *ibm successfully
-  Tried to get the TCP/IP going using the above steps

I don't know anything about PTF levels or how to check if TCPIP utilities are installed correctly.  I'll google that now, but if you have any info it would be appreciated!  Thanks.
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We are on v4r4.  Does anybody know where I can get a checklist of how to restore from one AS/400 to another?  Maybe I'm missing some steps.  I'm googling, but I can only find other O/S manuals right now.  Thanks!
I wouldn't expect the TCP/IP Utilities product to have any significant relationship with CFGTCP (except that the TCP/IP Utilities can't run if TCP/IP isn't configured first). However, it's almost guaranteed that the product will need to be installed and it sure won't hurt to have the product installed from the start. I've never tried CFGTCP without having the Utilities installed, so all of that is just an expectation.

-  restored the OS from the main AS/400 to our backup AS/400

What exactly was restored? Most especially, were libraries QGPL and QUSRSYS also restored? (These are not classified as "*IBM" libraries and the TCP/IP configuration files are in there.)

Also, what was the restore done on? What was on that box before the restore was done?

VP Technology / Senior Consultant
Here's a link to the old V4R4 Backup and Recovery Manual in PDF format:

Note that these manuals shipped as a CD in BookManager form with the system.  If you don't have a copy of the original documentation CD, you should obtain one if you plan to support a V4R4 system.

You can also find a lot of the V4R4 documentation online here, but I strongly encourage you to make an archive, because one day you'll look for ti here and it'll be gone:


Thanks for the link!  Should it be this simple?

-  Sign onto current AS/400 as qsecofr and do a go save and option 21.

Second AS/400 has no O/S.  I know we only have 71 days if we restore to it.  (Hopefully we'll never need to.  We're getting rid of the As/400 in less than a year.)  I've installed the O/S on the backup machine.  Shouldn't I just be able to sign on as qsecofr and do a restore option 21?  

Option 21 from the RESTORE menu is pretty much it.



Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as option 21 from the restore menu for me.  I'm getting tons of errors.  I'm breaking the restore down piece by piece to hone in on the issues (i.e. RSTCFG, RSTLIB(*IBM)).  Option 21 just bombs with "Error occurred during processing." with very little info.  I'm actually making progress, so I'm going to close this for now.  I'm having a client access issue that I'll post separately.  Thanks for your input!  


Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

Restore menu Option 21 is for performing a "same system" restore, say after a hardware failure.  Restoring to a different machine is more complex.  If that machine is running a different OS release, it increases the complexity.

The job log (DSPJOBLOG command) from the failed restore job will generally provide -extensive- error information.  The "Error occurred during process" is just the final escape message in a chain of diagnostic error messages that will spell out exactly what went wrong.

Before running the restore, make sure your job is set up to log detailed messages:


Once the job errors out, use the DSPJOBLOG command, and start at the bottom of the job log and work backward.  Put the cursor on each error message and press F1 for detailed error information and recovery instructions.

Feel free to post your errors here.  Include all of the related messages, and show the second level detail using F1.

- Gary Patterson



I'm restoring the OS from the original machine, so it's the same OS version.  I know I only have 70 days, but I'm just testing right now.  

For the 21 restore, there is an option for "Restore to different system" and I changed default to say "Y".

I'm going to change the job log detail level.  Maybe that's why I'm not getting detailed messages.  

I've finally am able to ping it, but I can't get client access to connect to it.  I can telnet, but no CA.  I changed the properties of CA to the new IP address.  There is an error on the AS/400 that says "AS400 support for windows network neighborhood ended."  I'm googling now to find out where I check the settings for this.  It probably has the old address.  Do you know where to change this setting?


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