How to install server 2008 x64 bit system on windows 7 virtual pc install

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I have windows 7 x64 bit system and install Microsoft virtual PC for windows 7
when I tray to instal windows server 2008 x 64 bit I have error message that my CPU doesn't support x64 bit
is there any way that i can install x64 server 2008 system
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in your bios the will be intel-virtual setting or amd-v and its properly turned off turn it on and it might work

I would use vmware esxi free on a old 64bit server as you can get them cheap I could a 2*amd double core 64bit server for £70 off ebay
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Virtual PC does not support 64 bit guest operating systems.  If you need a 64 bit guest, you'll have to use a different virtualization product.  VMWare workstation for example (VMWare Server is not licensed for use on a workstation).


That mean it does not work !

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