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iframe to call iframe

This code takes a huge amount of time to load the thousands of records it might load.
I've been told to make it call a blank.html so that it does not load all the code in the iframe on load.
i.e.  substitute details.php with a blank.html and then somehow on mouseover, do the actual load to details.php so that basically no load time is sucked up by details.php.
function show(temp)




function hide(temp) 




<div class='divclass'><b> 
<img src="Images/button" id='test' onmouseover="show('divname');" onmouseout="hide('divname');">


  <div id="display" style="border:0;display:none;position:absolute;">

     <iframe src="details.php?tmp1=xxx&tmp2=yyy&tmp3=aaa&tmp4=bbb"></iframe>



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