How can I forward from my newly registered domain name?

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Hi, I've registered a new domain name that has an option to forward...

I've got an IIS7 server and currently using a dynamic address through (This will change when I get a static IP address).

My question:
When I go to my website ( it forwards to  The browser shows that this redirect is happening.

How can I set it up so the website is hosted on but the clients browser doesn't display any forwarding?  i.e. just stays ( etc.).

Any help appreciated!
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You can create a CNAME Record for your domain which points to In the DNS panel of your domain, make sure the @ record and the www records are both CNAME records to instead of A records to an IP address.

Then, once you have a static IP address at your location, change these records back to A records and have them point to your public IP address.


Turns out I had to call hosting service directly.  Thanks for  your help, this is exactly what I asked for and they sorted!

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