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I have created a main form that had 4 subforms on it.  I had all those subforms working and populating data based upon a listbox selection the user made.  I added tab control to that form and cut copy and pasted the working listbox as well as the subforms off of the main form and pasted them onto the tab controls.  

Now my subforms don't show any data.  

When I open the subform  by itself and make a listbox selection on the newly tabbed form's listbox that actual subform does show the correct data (still nothing on the Main form tab.

Any suggestions on where to begin looking for my error?
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Its hard to tell, when the Tabcontrol doesnt interfere with the Subforms references.
Can you post that particular piece of your database, with some fake data in it to test?

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Any controls that have event procedure will loose then when cut and pasted onto the Tab control.  The good news is that the VBA code is still there. You will need to go to each control's property sheet and relect [Event Proceduree] for each event that has code.


That was the trick!!!.  As soon as I opened the Event Procedure for AfterUpdate it worked.

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