Exachange Database Is not  in a Clean Shutdown State

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I have my Exchange server crash over the weekend, I have been able to restore the server but I am not able to mount the database due to "  Database not in being in clean shutdown state".
Strangely all the exchange services are started.
Please help me to mount the store.
Windows 2003 R2 standard with Exchange 2003 service pack 3.

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You need to run eseutil on your database to bring it back into a clean shutdown state. Depending on whatever happened to your database, you might need to either just check it or recover it.

Since Microsoft changed the parameters of eseutil a while back, I'm not sure what version is installed on your system, so please open a command prompt and type:

eseutil /?

This will give you a list of possible options which you can then run against your edb like that:

eseutil /v c:\path\to\your\database.edb



I just used that utill but just to view the state of the database which is in "Dirty Shutdown".
Not sure what is the switch that I need to run with " eseutil? There re many options.
What should I be looking for?
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the eseutil /v output should contain a line called "Log Required" which tells you, what logs are required to bring the database back in a consistent state.

F.ex. if the "Log Required" line is "39-42", it means that you need the logs with number 39 to 42 to replay the database. The stupid thing here is, that the output of eseutil is decimal but the logfile names are hexadecimal, so you have to convert them to the correct EDBxxxxx.LOG files. Do you still have the logfiles?

If you're unsure about the crash or if the database is still physically intact, run a checksum test first:

eseutil /k c:\path\to\your\database.edb

Then, if that completed without errors, run a soft recovery:

eseutil /R c:\path\to\your\database.edb

This will replay all the missing logs and bring your database back in a consistent state - check the result with `eseutil /V` again and if it's in "clean shutdown" then, you should be able to `mount-database` it.
If not, you will have to try a hard recovery with `eseutil /P` but do that only as a last resort and if you have a backup of the edb file.
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- First take the Backup the Exchange Database, which is in direty shutdown.

- execute eseutil /p priv1.edb - to repair the database.

- execute eseutil /d priv1.edb - to defrag the database.

- execute isinteg -s servername -fix -test alltests

Do eseutil /mh on your database and look at the "Log Required" values

If you have log files that start with E00, then you can check all the logs by running "eseutil /ml e00"
eseutil /P is not to be taken lightly as that will physically cut errors out of the database which could be your whole attachment table.

So as Shree has a already said, take an offline backup / copy of the DB before doing the /P if you decide to go down that route. I also recommend doing a /mh on your database before and after the repair and look at the "repairCount" value. If it is less than 3 after the repair then it is safe to continue using.


Thank you.

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