How to download Google Books Android app from Australia

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Google Books is restricted to America only. How can I download the app for Android from Australia. I've tried using PPTP from and their SSL/PPTP Combo package, but no go.
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I would try to sign up for a Google account using a computer in America that you have remote desktop access to, and then connect your device to that account by using a wifi network which has a VPN tunnel to a network in America in order to try and fool it into thinking that you are indeed from America.

But really, If the app is licensed only for use in America, then you will not be able to install it in Australia without jumping through a lot of hoops, taking advantage of some kind of "loophole" in the system, and more importantly, breaking the terms and conditions of the license for the software.

So for all intents and purposes - you can't.

I suppose you could fly to America, purchase an American android device, download and install the app, and then go back to Australia. ;)


Well I am going to Vegas in a month, but I think that probably while there it's not going to let me install it as my account is based in Australia.
So you're probably right. Back to looking for another half decent ebook reader, it's sad and I'm trying to resist, but Kindle app is looking like the best!
Thanks for your answer.

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