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since office 365 is in the "cloud" wouldn't that mean that if you don't have an internet connection for whatever reason, you can't work on documents, or whatever you need to do?
I saw a demo, and it looked like you don't have any actual software on your laptop. It is all run through a web browser.
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according to the system requirements listed here you actually need Office 2007 or higher installed on the machine that you use when you access "the cloud". And yes, without an internet connection, you won't be able to exchange data with "the cloud". I'd think that it should be possible, though, to download documents to your local machine, work on them off-line (with your locally installed version of Office) and then load them back up again.

cheers, teylyn
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You are right that you need a internet connection to connect to your data in the cloud, but when you use Office on your workstation you can configure outlook to use cached mode (this is default outlook setting) so it makes a local cache file so you can see your emails when not connected to the exchange server. Office 2010 (don't know which version this includes but at least professional got is) also got a sharepoint workspace with this program you can synchronize your sharepoint document to offline so you can work with them with out any connection.

Hope this helps


so if I am following correctly, you would still need a copy of office on your laptop even if you are using office 365. or maybe office 365 is the office suite on your laptop - and your actual files sit on the "cload" to be accessed from anywhere. and you can have a cached copy of your files in case you loose your internet connection.
even though the cached thing can be accomplished right now if your company has a file share server where your files exist, and you use the "offline" windows feature, and if your company has an exchange server - use cached mode in exchange. ( i have this exact setup )
therefore - i don't see the benefits of the cloud? i mean i even have a VPN so that some people use their home pc's to VPN into the office and access their work pc's ( very "GotoMyPC" like ).


thanks for the help.

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