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Having trouble with the COUNT function in SQL (Microsoft Access)

Microsoft Access 2003

Teacher = [CourseN, Quarter,TeacherName]
Course = [Course N Quarter , DayTime,  Room #]/ Examples of DayTime: M 2:00,
W 4:50, and T 8:00.
Student = [studentName,Course #, Quarter]

^The underlined words are the primary keys

I want to be able to list the student name that took the most courses.. but I'm having trouble coming up with the correct syntax

SELECT A.studentName
FROM Student A
FROM Student B
WHERE COUNT(CourseN)) > ......something here

or If I wanted to list every course number and the student's name who has taken the same course twice... I have something like:

SELECT A.studentName
FROM Student AS A
GROUP BY A.studentName
HAVING Count(CourseN)>2;

but that's coming up wrong too..

any help would be appreciated, thanks
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Thanks mwvisa1, those 2 that you wrote both worked just fine.  Though I had to remove the AS Crit in the statements as they seem to not be working with them in there.. probably just a MS Access syntax thing

for the 1st one i had to change it to:

SELECT TOP 1 A.studentName, COUNT(A.CourseN)
FROM Student A
GROUP BY A.studentName
ORDER BY A.studentName DESC;

and 2nd one i changed it to:

SELECT A.studentName, A.CourseN, COUNT(A.CourseN)
FROM Student AS A
GROUP BY A.studentName, A.CourseN
HAVING COUNT(A.CourseN) >= 2;

thanks again, it was of much help