Ubuntu on Acer AOD255E

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Hello Experts.

I am looking for a "public bus companion" computer running dual boot Windows/Ubuntu.
When I go to work, I like to do some light editing, read KIndle, light-browsing, Skype calls.
Ubuntu is a must.

There are rumours that
Acer Aspire One AOD255E-13639 or 13444 (which are available on Amazon), run Ubuntu well.

Any success stories?
Or, perhaps, there can be other notebook for this purpose in range below $300?

Kindle runs well on my another Ubuntu notebook Acer Aspire 5532, but this notebook is too heavy and spared for my home development.

(I don't like smartphones, (like Nokia) which cannot(?) run general mainstream software which can be run on Ubuntu. They look just like proprietary-OS toys.)

Thank you.
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I owned an Acer Aspire One ZG5 netbook, it was a small little 11 inch netbook with an Intel Atom N270 single core processor. It originally came with Windows XP but I set it up to dual boot Ubuntu Netbook Edition. It worked quite well for me and was a great companion while I toured europe, and everything (including the webcam and wireless) worked out of the box without any extra setup or drivers.

An Acer Aspire One, being a pretty old netbook, would be pretty cheap. You can probably find them for $150. I imagine that newer Acer Aspire Netbooks with better processors would probably run ubuntu pretty good as well.


Here's a good summary of what works and what doesn't on laptops/netbooks etc. re Ubuntu,

You can pick up Dell Inspiron Mini 10s in the UK for £125.00 ex Tax (circa $240 US inc tax) - perhaps you can find similar in the US?




Thank you, experts.

None of the answers secures the purchase. Perhaps my question is not precise.
I may repost the question.

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