Unable to Register Cisco Mobile 8.1 with CUCM 8.5.1

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I've been trying to register Cisco Mobile 8.1 running on an iphone 4 (ios 4.3.1) with a CUCM 8.5.1 with no luck. I followed the cisco guide to the T. I'm getting an error "Verification timed out" The only solution I've found online (and the cisco documentation itself) is to restart the server, CM service and the tftp service. I've done this multiple times with no success. Log file attached. Cisco-Mobile-2011-05-15-21280931.txt

Please, help!
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Solved it!

Hi there, what did you do to solve it?



When you install CUCM (Call Manager) the actual name of the server you choose during setup becomes the host name that is sent to the IP Phones in the config files that are pulled from TFTP. Since I had named it CUCM01 that was the call manager that Cisco Mobile 8.1 was trying to connect to. If you do this you would need a DNS server to solve CUCM01 to the actual IP or (which is what I did) use the actual IP as the host name (i.e.

Under Cisco Unified CM Administration. Go to System > Server > Find > <servername> > Type the server's IP on the "Host Name/IP Address*" field > Save.

After you do this make sure you restart the TFTP service on your call manager.

Let me know if it works.

Brilliant, thanks mate.  That is exactly the problem I have - the phone is trying to get to a host name it can't resolve.

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