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Creating a public property for a class in C#

Hello experts,

I am trying to create a public property for a class named ListsDB

The purpose of this public property is to retrieve data from a table in a database

I believe the code is ok except for the  following line which generates an error message:

 myCallsList.Add (reader("Call"));

The error message simply says "reader" is a variable but is used like a method.

myCallsList is a strongly typed string List and I am quite at loss as to how to rewrite the line which generates the error.


public void getAllCalls()
        SqlConnection con = default(SqlConnection);
        SqlCommand comm = default(SqlCommand);
               con = new SqlConnection("Server=Tariq; Database=HelpDesk;Integrated Security=True");
        comm = new SqlCommand("Select * from Calls", con);
            SqlDataReader reader = comm.ExecuteReader();
            while (reader.Read())
              myCallsList.Add (reader("Call"));


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