Is anyone else experiencing this site as slow?

Amanda Watson
Amanda Watson used Ask the Experts™
I Have been getting complaints that this site  is slow.

Is anyone eles experiencing this site as slow, if so does anyone know why it is slow?

I don't think it is slow, but I am told by some people that it is.
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Tracking down complaints of slow performance can be tricky.  I ran a test from my system here in Mountain View, California, USA,  and it was just fine,  at least as much of it as I could get to.  The trick in finding why a site is slow is finding WHERE the slowdown occurs. My test from here indicates that there is not an overall performance problem at this time or on your server.
  Other users might experience slow performance based on their network connection, but I will hazard a guess that they are complaining that your site is slow and others are not.  
 This leads to another question,  what could bring down the performance at different times?  Examining the logs of your system in question might lead to some insights.  A couple things that can happen:
  1:  You may be the victim of a Denial of Service attack,  where somebody is hitting this site hard to try to hack into it.  You may find evidence of this in the log files,  or by using a network analysis tool like Wireshark.
  2:  Your site may have been hacked already,  and may be busy doing the nefarious commands of its new overlord.  Again,  examining the logs may yield insite,  and running anti-virus and anti-malware programs might be a good idea.  Get somebody who knows what your system should contain to see if you have any additions.
3. Start an outbound process to ping a fixed site on the Internet,  and look for degraded performance over time.  Sometimes the service providers might throttle performance to accomadate a large amount of traffic on thier network.
  Hope this helps!
Panagiotis Sweb developer - designer
its a little more slower but that because of the template

Generally commercial templates run a lot of scripts.
Try to disable some if you dont need
There are 46 HTTP Requests required to load the site from new, weighing in at 317.3Kb total. Lowering the number of requests by combining files may help -- you have 27 CSS images, perhaps you could make a sprite which can lower the total file size and lower HTTP Requests in one hit.

For scripts that you can (and this may be a tricky one, as you have scripts in the middle of HTML as well) it is genearlly good practice to load them at the end of the <body> section. Load the layout, then load the animations and interactivity.

On the scripts subject, could you use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for loading Mootools? If Google hosts Mootools somewhere, or if Mootools let you hotlink, they most likely have more bandwidth than you do. It'll ease the load on your site, and load the scripts quicker. *NOTE* You are then relying on an external resource being active. Most sites are 99.99% uptime. If they are down your site will load, but will not function.
One more thing, it doesn't look like you're gzip'ing content, which lowers the download amount. Look into that as well.
Amanda WatsonWeb Developer


Great thanks guys

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