Group policy prevents adding of URL's to IE trusted sites

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I have created a group policy that add's in URL's to the trusted sites section of Internet Explorer. After doing this users are prevented from adding any further URL's into this section of IE. The add button greys out.

I have tried to apply this group policy both for users and computers sides of GP with the same problem.

Does anyone know how I can use group policy to add in a list of mandatory URL's but still let the user have the ability to add additional ones?

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was IE installed with the administration kit?


IE is whatever version came with XP or 7. Plus if the user might have upgraded it to 8 or 9 on their own.
ok so that takes care of the possibility of IEAK messing things up..... Thanks.

What is the exact GPO you set? (E.g. Site to Zone Assignment List, Value 2)

Can you upload the RSoP here?

gpresult /z >gpo.txt

Open in new window

(haven't tested this solution, please try in test environment first)

First you will have to remove "Site to Zone assignment list" you already configured (set policy to "Not Configured").
Then (after gpupdate), you setup your admin workstation with desired trusted sites and use "User configuration, Policies,  Windows Settings, Internet Explorer Maintenance, Security, Security zones and content ratings" to import these settings into new GPO.
After applying that GPO, users should be able to add their own sites to trusted zone.

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