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Office 2010 Options Malfunction

Transitioned from Office 2007 to Office 2010. Big mistaken and a waste of money! 2010 is full of unsolvable issues. In the last couple days, I cannot get any Office option changes to take. No problem a few days ago. I click on OK to save the changes and I get a message: "The server drafts location you entered for offline editing is not valid or you do not have permission to access that location. Specify a location on your local computer". Have no idea where that came from! I am a standalone computer and everything I do with my worksheets and docs is on one of my 4 harddrives. For two days now, I have researched and attempted numerous solutions, none of which fixed it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled half a dozen times to no avail. It is really going to be irritating when I find some little ole simple setting that solves the whole issue! Anyone have any suggestions because I am about ready to send 2010 to the scrap heap. Oh! I also started getting constant requests to update Excel worksheets links at the same time. The sheets are updating but I cannot get rid of the message popping up everytime I open a linkable sheet. Could stop that if I could get the options to take a change.
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