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For class I'm trying to explain how has Vlans change the networking infrastructure. An I can't find any information on it can somebody give me an insight how it has changes or some webpages i can look up. Another is when should they be created and how.
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The principle change can be found in the name: VLAN = Virtual LAN (who said virtualisation is a new concept?).  A virtual LAN allow you to run, on the same switch hardware, multiple seperate LANs.  The benefits are lower hardware costs (can use the same switch for multiple LANS, can implement high-density switches with a lower per-port cost, uses less uplink ports on routers, ...), easier implementation (does not need a switch per LAN, ...), flexibility (changing to a different switch, or changing VLAN, can be accomodated with only software change), easier to seperate LANs, and I'm sure there are more.

I'm sure there are a lot of resouces on the web, but I cannot recommend any at this stage.  Search for "VLAN Overview", and I'm sure you'll get something you can use.

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