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exchange account to be defaulted

hi there

my client had a linux based mail server and mail was delivered through pop3 to outlook clients(2003,2007 and a few 2010), with a linux based DC(can't give much details on this though, hopefully is not important).
since the infrastructure was rather old, improvements were in order, so there's a new DC & exchange server, both running on Win Server 2008 R2 and Exchange 2010.
Each new exchange account has been added to the appropriate outlook client and eventually instructed people how to set their new exchange account as default.

Now, some of them reported that even though the default account is set to be the exchange one, the mail is delivered in their old pop3-inbox. This happens on both Outlook 2003 & 2007.
Of course, the pop3 account is still set up to avoid mail-loss.

Does anyone know a way to solve this?
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Did they get new email addresses or are they still using the same addresses?? Was the 2008 machine joined to the "linux" domain or was a new domain setup?
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The old addresses are still in use, but are not set as default. Credentials to the old mail are simply saved locally for each client.
There is a new domain for the setup. The machines are joined to the new domain.
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Unfortunately, i do not have a proper solution for this. The Linux system was kept online for continuity purposes only - users needed their old pop3 emails at hand.
In order for emails to be sent in the old pst, we deleted the pop3 accounts(but not the data files, of course). This way, outlook is forced to deliver to the only mailbox, so it's fine.

@PietMuis since you're the only one that tried to help me out, i'm accepting your solution so that you receive those point, hope they help.
i guess there's no way to edit my previous comment - i made a typo: In order for emails to be sent to the new mailbox, we deleted the pop3 account2(but not the data files of course)
i accepted your answer as a solution only because you were the only one who tried to answer.

for my workaround, check below