Users get Outlook pop up reminders for public folder but none set.

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Hi Guys,

This is a weird one. When I create a calendar event within a public folder and ensure that no reminder are set, other people who have access to the public folder still get the default 15mins reminder.

P.S, I've turned off my personal default calendar reminder settings, but the still send reminders to people.

No idea what it could be, please help.

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You can always set or remove a reminder for yourself.
You cannot create an appointment/meeting, Invite others, and expect that you can turn off their reminder as well.
Reminders are set by the individual.

Would be pretty dirty handed if one could invite people to meetings or appointments and turn off their reminders.
Especailly if they wernt already aware of the meeting....


Apache, clearly you have not read my post...

It is a shared public folder; we all have access to the calendar. So, if one creates a event with NO reminder everyone should get the event with NO Reminder.

When I create one, there is no reminder set, however others still mange to get a reminder. If someone else creates an event with no reminder, then nobody gets a reminder for that event.

Hope this helps.


Ok, one of the guys has pointed out the problem is when I create a calendar event within the public calendar and then ADD invitees. Only then do they get the reminder. However, I  checked that none was set.
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Standing by my original comment:

Any User who receives an Invite to a Meeintg
Weather it be in your calendar or a Public Calendar...
Outlook's default in THIER profile, when the appointment is accepted, is to set a default reminderfor them
You have no control over this.

To change this, you would actually have to go into the users outlook profile
GO into their Calendar Options
Then Turn off Default Reminders
As Default Reminders is the reminder automatically set when a user creates an appointment or accepts an appointment.

Hope this makes it a little bit more clear

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