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on startup I am informed "sasnative32 not found skipping autocheck".
How do I stop this?
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GO TO START> run>msconfig
then go to startup & uncheck all entries except the antivirus , restart your computer and try
There is a "BootExecute" value in the registry key:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager]
There is a line set by default in that value:
autocheck autochk *
The purpose of this is to check and see if the computer was shut down properly during the last session, and if not to run a disk check.

Certain programs such as AntiVirus executables and system utilities are sometimes set to start up at a very early stage of booting, and this is done by adding their names to the the "BootExecute" value.

Could you please do us a favour.  Open a new "DOS" window and run the following command:

reg query "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager" /v BootExecute

Open in new window

You should see a line like this amongst the output:
BootExecute REG_MULTI_SZ    autocheck autochk *

If it is followed by \0C:\SomeFolderPath\sasnative32.exe
then we can advise you further on what to do about this.

Actually, this has already been answered here:
but DON'T mess with the registry unless you are experienced in doing this.

I haven't been able to find any definitive explanations about what software the "sasnative32.exe" file belongs to, but if it is listed in that registry value it is likely to be some kind of system tool that needs to be started very early on before Windows loads fully.  Because of this, it may also be a good idea to run a full virus scan.

Did you install some system-related software just before this started?


I receieved a message
"Too few command line parameters"

Yes, I had moved to a larger hard drive and had to migrate to a different version of Diskeeper-
I guess it removed the earlier version and inserted the newer - and confused us all.

Thanks for repy
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I can't understand why the REG QUERY command I gave should have thrown that error.  It runs fine on my Windows XP system.

Are you comfortable following the instructions in the accepted answer of the Experts-Exchange question I gave the link to earlier?


I found sasnative32 on an old backup & installed it & no message on startup - is this good?
Or, should I do the registry thing?
I have found the register entry
"autocheck autochk * autocheck sasnative32"
Is this correct/useful?
Should I delete " sasnative32"? and leave "autocheck autochk * autocheck" ??
Thanks again
Hi rtarta.  That's good progress. Well done.

I suppose it depends on whether any of the installed applications actually need the file to be present.  You mentioned that you updated your version of Diskeeper.  Presumably you either had a suspicion that sasnative32.exe was associated with this application, or you found a couple of references to that application in online searches.  I wasn't aware up until I read your post above what application was associated with the file.

The registry entry could be a leftover from the previous version of Diskeeper and the newer version you installed may have absolutely no use for the file, OR else the file was wrongly deleted by the uninstall routine of the previous version and was not reinstated by the subsequent upgrade to the newer version of Diskeeper.

Personally what I would do to test whether the file is needed by the current version of Diskeeper would be to:

1. Temporarily rename sasnative32.exe to something like "sasnative32_Renamed.exe"

2. Export the following registry key:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager]
to a backup *.REG file as follows:

Open REGEDIT  (Start Menu > Run > and type REGEDIT > click OK or press Enter).
Navigate to the "Session Manager" Key by expanding (clicking the + signs) the Keys in the Left pane.
Regedit File Menu > Export > type a meaningful file name like "BootExecute" and save it to an easy to locate folder (eg. Desktop) as a *.REG file.

Close Regedit.

3. Open your *.REG file in Notepad and delete all other lines EXCEPT the following:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager]

Open in new window

NOTE: The multiple lines of paired Hex numbers against the "Boot Execute" value should be left.  That should be your first "value" under the Key name.  Delete everything else below it.  You will probably have lines like this below the block of paired numbers:


Delete all of that right to the bottom of the file, add one or two blank lines to the end of your content, and then save the file.

4.  Open Regedit and it should open again to the last accessed "Session Manager" Key.
Double-Click on the "Boot Execute" value and an "Edit Multi String" dialog should open.  Be very careful, because the lines in the dialog will already be highlighted and pressing a key could delete all of them.  If that happens, be sure to click the "Cancel" button and open it again.  The dialog should look like this, except your "Sasnative32" line will be where I have highlighted my AVG AntiVirus lines.
 Your sasnative32 line will be where my 2 AVG lines are
Scroll over ONLY the Sasnative line and do a Ctrl + C to copy it.
Open Notepad and Paste the line into it.
Go back to Regedit and delete the Sasnative line.
Click OK to close the dialog and then close Regedit.

Save the line you copied into notepad, again with a meaningful file name.

5. Reboot and see if Diskeeper complains about anything.

6. if there are any error messages from Diskeeper or any other programs, then Open Regedit and your text file with the line you copied.  Open the "BootExecute" value again and paste that line in below the existing autocheck autochk * line.  OK the dialog and close regedit, then rename your "sasnative32_Renamed.exe" back to "sasnative32.exe" and reboot.

The *.REG file backup is just an extra.  It's easier to edit a Multi-String value directly in Regedit, but you could equally just Right-Click on your *.REG file and choose "Merge" to write the original values back to the registry.

Let us know what happens.

I don't think I made it apparent enough.  The first Code Snippet contains the actual values from MY COMPUTER and all the paired values are for what shows in the screenshot image below, ie. 3 lines - two of which are for AVG Antivirus.  DO NOT use my code snippet for anything, it was just to show you HOW that block of paired numbers will LOOK.
If rtarta doesn't return, then I suggest that you just deleet this question.  There are too many loose ends, as yet unexplained by rtarta, to make this worthwhile as a PAQ.
Whoops - "delete", not "deleet"


Thanks all.
Yes I accept your answers.
Do I need to do anything else to finalise this?
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Thank you Lee

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