How to assign OleVariant to a TDataSet

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I write a function in Server side which will pass a OleVariant which is exported from a TADOQuery.  Can I Load the oleVariant back to a TADOQuery or other other dataset that I can operate in Client Side?
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You can just cast the OleVariant back to the original type when assigning it at the Client side.
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1) What Server / Client side are you referring to ?
2) What do you mean by export an TADOQuery to an OleVariant ?
3) What do you mean by loading the OleVariant back to another dataset ?
4) Then, that is maybe redundancy with 1st question, how does that OleVariant get transfered from *server* to *client* ?

JimyX, do you care explaining a bit more, with a code sample ? I'm sorry , but if I couldn't see it, I would not believe that your answer can be as cryptic as the question. Yet it is and you are a Sage... Or am I missing something so implicitly evident there ?
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First, you can not type cast OleVariant to a TDataset

Here is the simplest way to do it. Use TClientDataset with your TADOQuery as the provider. TClientDataset has a property called Data (TClientDataset.Data) which is OleVariant

   MyData: OLEVariant;
   MyData := ClientDataset1.Data;  this will put the data into MyData as OleVariant

When reading the data it is again quite as simple

  ClientDataset1.Data := MyData;

//To get data from TADOQuery itself as OLEVariant is not very simple, you would have to thoroughly understand the _Recordset object and how the data is stored

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