How do I create Server name from Database Engine

Rama Tito
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Hi ,
I am trying to create new Server name and my server type is Database Engine and authentication under Windows Authentication.
Currently my server name is TRAMANAH\SQLEXPRESS. I want to create new server name. example TITO\SQLEXPRESS, my platform is SQL SEVER 2005.
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TITO will be the server name - the Windows Computer Name.   SQLEXPRESS is the Instance Name.

if you want TITO then the simple answer is you need to install SQL onto the computer named TITO

What is your requirement.  Do you just need another different name for SQL and want it installed on the computer TRAMANAH ?


When you run the Install there is a point where it will mention the INSTANCE name.  That is the SQL Server Name you want.  So, when you install on the TRAMANAH computer, at the Instance name put SQLEXPRESS2
you will then have TRAMANAH\SQLEXPRESS2

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