Where can I get an older motherboard from ASUS P5p800 se

Jenny Coulthard
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We have inherited an old PC as part of a piece of manufacturing equipment.  The PC is old and I wanted to purchase a spare motherboard and CPU to have on hand as replacement.  It is an ASUS P5P800 SE with Intel P4 3.2Ghz.  I have attached details of CPU.  I have spent a while trying to locate the motherboard on the internet.  Asus dont have in stock (in aus anyway).  Does someone know of a store which stock out of date equipment like this?    
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I suggest you look on ebay for things you can't get elsewhere. You'll often find 2nd hand stuff there.
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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eBay lists one of the ASUS P5P800 SE motherboards today but it says that the onboard LAN doesn't work right and it doesn't have a CPU.


There is one in Canada with international shipping options:



Jenny CoulthardInformation Technology Manager


Thanks you eveyone who responded, I wasnt so sure about purchasing second hand but looks like the only way to go, given the age of the items.  I will get one of the new Processors and hope to get the board from germany, just getting some extra details from the seller now.  I have split the points but given most to RobMobility as his information was very detailed and the items I ended up getting.

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