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I am deploying my WCF service in IIS 6.0. Usually I use XCopy to manually copy the files under the IIS folder structure, create my site and configure it.

This time around is a bit different since I am using (for the first time) Enterprise Library and am referencing the dlls into my WCF service. I've never deployed a WCF service referencing external dlls before and my thinking is that using the "Web Setup" template in Visual Studio will make the whole thing a lot easier. However I have tried but couldn't get the dlls to be deployed. I tried a work-around that worked (I am not actually sure it is a work-around) but I want to make sure that I am doing this the best way possible.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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It is always safe to copy Enterprise library DLLs into your website BIN directory. Since, server may have multiple websites with using different enterprise library version so doing enterprise libration installation is not recommended. May be there is setting called CopyLocal=True when you add reference to dll in Properties. And these dlls move along with your project output.

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Open a service project, select Build->Publish <Project Name>

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