ESP, EBP pointer in stack manipulation

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I often confused with the list of data that is pused into the stack frame when function is invoked.
As for as i know, return address, local variables, parameters are pushed into stack frame. But what i would like to know is the concrete details. Could someone provide ?
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Hi Experts,
Can someone give a comment on it ?.  :)
nociSoftware Engineer
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My guess is, that this is a homework type question so you need to cosult more info for some details.
Pointers to it use are:

SP (ESP for 32bit, RSP for 64bit) is the stackpointer ie. it points to the top of the stack.
  - PUSH AX ==> in microcode = STACK[++SP]=AX

BP is used as a frame pointer most common use at procedure entry:

Now BP can be used to access parameters & local variables.
For more details consult your compilers manual. It's use is language/compiler specific.

There are many "function call convention", each language, each platform and each OS has his own convention. Also in linux you can change the calling convention used, it's called "ABI" (Application binary Interface).
Check these links:

Hope that helps.



Dont we maintain any documentation inside for such a generic questions ?
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)

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