Blackberry Curve 9300

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Have a client with 5 of these devices all working perfectly with BES
The 6th device I connect (there are sufficient licences) for a user will just not work.
Add user in BES console from Active Directory
Setup BB Desktop software and connect Enterprise account to his outlook profile.
BB sits there syncing the enterprise activation server forever (if you let it)
Also same issue if trying to setup via the email setup on the phone.

Exchange 2007 in use.

Anyone know what issue may be, where I could start to look etc.
Considering exporting email as a PST and deleting the user profile then starting again but not 100% this would fix issue, maybe somewhere else is the problem?

Thanks in advance.
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What point is reached during the activation process? Does it exchange keys and it's the services piece that halts or is it before that point?

Have you checked the log files specifically for that user/that ID to see if any error messages are being reported?

Make sure that the service plan on the SIM is correct - you could try it with a different, known working SIM (BlackBerry) - if Activation works, then it's an operator/SIM provisioning issue.




Thanks RM - I am onsite again on Wednesday so will take a look into it further then and feedback.


I would say that it exchanges keys but service stops after that point (from memory)

I have tried the same user with another completely new Blackberry Curve 9300 (that is intended for yet another user who has not been setup yet) and this did not work either - which pointed me towards a user profile (sorry should have mentioned this above)

I will check logs etc to see if errors occur
Got blackberry provider out in the end to rectify the issue.
All working OK now - thanks for the suggestions.


Some points for taking time to suggest an answer.

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