Dcpromo demote removes from the domain?

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Hello all

This is my first question here.

I got a server that is a slave controller today and was thinking of remove it from the domain completely. The thing is that i run a live DB on it and i was wondering what will happen when i do the demote? will it turn back to be a local machine and not being a part of the domain any more when i do the dcpromo? because if it does i will probably have some user problems running the DB.

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It will come a member server of the domain when you demote it.   The computer object will be in the computers OU.
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It will indeed become a member server, and on doing so you will be asked for the local admin password you wish to use for this new member server, so do not skip over that part and leave it blank. Also DB will be unaffected unless you change the server name and the default instance uses that name, so the big thing here is do not rename the server or leave the admin password blank.......just demote it......(which btw will require a reboot so be aware of that too)


Tank you for the answers. I will try this out in the next service window.

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