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Hi, I got a question to solve a php website / database issue. Having no knowlegde of MySQL databases, I have to cleanup a database because it has become too large. This website uses a forum, phpBB software.

The problem is probably simple, the database has had no maintenance,but I need to knw which action to take (without knowlegde of MySQL) to clean the database up without causing problems or losiing information.

In the web admin folder I see an overview of tables and in particular 3 tables take a lot of space:


See attached screenshot. What action can I take best?


Richard Screenshot MySQL Admin
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Gopinathan cSenior php developer

you can delete the older post in phbb admin area not in database. i fyou delete older datas in phbb admin automatically you wll get the database reduced space


The prblem is that I cannot tell what 's old or what can bve deleten, nor can my contact person. So we look for some possibility that doesn't lose content, like rebuilding an index, getting rid of log files or something. You comment suggest to delete old files, but that could concern info that maybe should not be deleted.

I understood that from your question;
you web site is slow and you want to do something on your database to fix the problem right?
if it is so, firstly you must review your queries which pulls data from database, you must make your queries simpler and not working hadrly on the database.
After that query review, if you can't take enough performance, I offer you to search about "sql index" by indexinq some of table you may have faster performance on your db.
The problem was disk space as a result of a lot of spam, but I solved it already. Thanks anyway.



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