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I would like to create a simple application in Java that takes some input from the user (via GUI), establishes a ssh session and launches Firefox Portable. The ssh session should be terminated when FireFox is closed.

I noticed that the TOR Browser Bundle ( does something quite similar.

I have some experience in VB.NET and can read through Java code, but I've never built an application myself. So what is the best way to structure this application? Or, where should I start?

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Commented: should get you started
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you'll have issues implementing that as a Java application as it will not know when ff has been closed.
Might be simpler to implement it as a java applet, that way you can embed it in a html page and load that page with ff


Thanks. But what about the link with FireFox?
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you can use Runtime.exec() to start it up. You just need to careful that you read any output generated to avoid it locking up. Main problem though will be that you may find it difficult to know when it has closed.

Or the Desktop class may be used if the box is configured correctly

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