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Hi all,

I got a little problem with a TableView. I have to use the Plain style but I need the header views to behave as if it were Grouped style. Now the header view will always remain on top of the screen, but I need it to scroll up along with the other rows.

Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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The function you are seeing is by design.  Have a look at contacts on your iPhone/iPad the title will stay at the top as you scroll.

One workaround which looks ok is to have a cell of zero height and add your header text to the footer of this cell. Which will look like it is the header to cell no 2.


Hi, thanks for the reply.
While that does fix my problem for the top of the page, now the footer at the bottom of the page tries to stay in place all the time, rather than move with it.
Yep you are right. As I said this function is by design. As you have it now is not as distracting, but I agree it is untidy.


Alright, since there's no other way to completely fix it, your footer solution is still much better than using the headers, so thanks.

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