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Dear experts,

I created an sql file running a series of analyze table and index rebuild commands for group of tables. When I run the script in Toad, it is OK. However, via sqlplus -s, it hangs at the middle of the operation.

An example run:

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus -s xxx/yyy@zzz @/opt/app/table_statistics.sql

The system is Red-Hat Enterprise Linux with 64 GB of RAM, 4 Processors. How can I solve this problem?

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You will need to supply the script so that we can try to determine why it hangs.

One difference between Toad and Sqlplus is the way in which pl/sql blocks are run.  If you have a script containing a pl/sql block, ensure you place a forward slash "/" on the line following the block as it is this slash that tells sqlplus to run the pl/sql block.  I don't believe Toad requires this slash to run the block.

Have you tried running the script in sqlplus without the -s (silent) option so you can determine exactly where it hangs?



The script is just a series of : analyze table <table name> compute statistics;

When I run manually in sqlplus, it again hangs.

Does it always hang at the same point in the script?  If so, can you provide a sample of the code causing it to hang?

Which version of Oracle are you using?

Are you aware that in later versions, DBMS_STATS is a better method of collecting statistics than using ANALYZE?
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May I specify a time-out of a command in a script?


The version of Oracle is 11g Release 2...
"May I specify a time-out of a command in a script?"
- I'm not aware of any way of doing this.
Why is the statement taking a long time to run?  

With 11g you should be using the DBMS_STATS package to gather stats, not ANALYZE, which is still available, but is deprecated.

Also, are you aware that 11g automatically gathers statistics each day by default?

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