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I have a NIS master server under Fedora  core 5
This server is very old and having some hardware issues and I’m planning to replace him with a new one. (new server will have new IP/hostname)
Would love to get some instructions the steps of configuring the new server.
After the new installation of the OS what steps do need to do in order to replicate and move all the NIS/YP data to the new server and make him active/Master
Should there be any issue if the new server will be CentOS 5.5 64bit (the old fedora is 32)?
What do I need to do to deactivate the old server after the new one is working?
Any workflow and instructions are welcome :)
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Keep the existing NIS server till you move all the NIS clients to the new NIS server.

You can unplug the existing NIS server once you move all the NIS clients to new NIS master server
CentOS should be just fine.  Another option could be Scientific Linux --another clone of Red Hat, except that they even have version 6 out.

You have to plan it carefully before executing it.  Planning would also depend upon your requirement.  Suppose you were doing it in a computer lab where there are timings with no one there, then you can try in the timings when there are no users -- may be weekends, etc.

If you are in a network that is not entirely secure then NIS is a bad idea anyway because passwords pass on the network unencrypted and it.  A more secure way would be Kerberos or LDAP+TLS etc.

Before I proceed, I would get comfortable with NIS maps-- extract data in the maps.  Dump and store maps -- consider ypcat.


need more info about this

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