Allowing a DOS program to send through a users mailbox

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We've got a DOS program that we use on one of our machines that we send reports out to external users and on the settings we can set the email address it is from. We have setup a mailbox for this and this works fine for internal people but as we cannot put a username and password in this field (only the email address it comes from) then it won't go out to external users as it can't authenticate. How do i get around this ?
Just to clarify we have a mailbox with an address such as and the DOS program allows us to put in the from address of this but no option for username or password and so we can't send externally so we need to allow this mailbox to be able to accept mail to be sent out without authentication. I have unticked the 'requires authentication' on the account but they still bounce back.
Hope this makes sense.
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You need to create a receive connector that allows anonymous relay, configure just the ip address for the specific machine.

Read more about anonymous receive connectors over here
or look here
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I did this a few weeks back and found this article easist to follow

Just specify only the IP of the machine with the DOS program on it btw to make it nice and secure (for all but that machine) if you need to do this for another machine just modify the connector to include that IP and so on.



Both answers would've worked but the link from MojoTech was easiest to follow which i followed so i've split that points accordingly. Hope this is ok.

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