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XP - remote desktop problem

I have a computer with XP. I set up to allow remote desktop for administrator user. The problem is that I can't connect remotly only if somebody already logon in first step to that computer - from that moment remote desktop it working. Ping is working but I have  a delay until find the IP.

How can I fix this problem - to allow to connect remote directly after restart computer not only after one user is logon on the sistem.


Windows XP

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Why not change it to a static IP then you will alway's know what IP Address is assigned to the PC
Delay problem is caused by name resolution. You can add a dns entry on your dns servers or add a definition of that host on your hosts file.

What happens when a user try to logon using RDP if nobody has a session initiated?
Bychance is this machine using a DSL or dial-up connection to connect to the Internet, such that the machine has to furnish the username password to connect, which it does when any user logs on locally but not before that?  If so you may be able to set something up so it always dials when the computer is started
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The system is in local network.

If i try to connect  if nobody has a session I get this  error "Remote desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons: ... 3 resons ".  I check the services with other xp machine and all have the same sethings. I also close the firewall. I use static IP :(

I belive a new fress instalation of XP will solve the problem.

Apparantly a few people have complained about this,
that they were fine prior to SP3 on the XP box, but after Service Pack 3 the problem.  Perhaps that's your case here.
1 So one person's solution was rollback SP3.  
2 Another person said they had Norton Anti-virus which was complaining about the changed version of the service so needed the user to be logged in if it was going to remember that user's ok to use it, so they had to configure NAV to okay it for all users.  
3 Another person simply found that bt changing these two services: "NLA - Network Location Awareness" and "Terminal Services" to Automatic worked.  
4 Another person found it was because they had their system language other than us ENglish, but the SP3 had been us-EN, so they needed the SP3-MUI update after SP3, searched for "XP SP3 MUI" from microsoft and applied it, or else change system language back to US EN.  
5 Someone else said they found they could connect by IP, not name, until after logging in.  
6 Lastly yet someone else said check the Event Log for errors, as theirs was due to both a video and printer conflict, and that NVidia support says a workaround is to increase the size of session image space add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management add "SessionImageSize"=dword:00000020
http://help.wugnet.com/windows/Remote-Desktop-Connection-XP-Service-Pack-ftopict623063.html  2 pgs
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Glad you fixed it.  Some have good backups and cookie-cutter builds so a rebuild is easy, hopefully it was for you, for some rebuilding is a tedious chore or difficult.

Regarding the 5 minutes, while it's normal for the RemoteDesktop hosting service and other services to take time to all launch, some have dependencies and must wait in a particular order, when you first boot, so RD would not respond until the desktop gets to the login screen, that's to be expected, I have one suggestion about it taking 5 minutes too long (that alone is it's own PAQd questions on EE no doubt).
If you have an external USB hard drive, I think you will find during the black screen while you're waiting, what seems an inordinately long time, for login screen to appear, that the external drive is flickering away like crazy.  Don't disconnect or turn if off in the middle of use activity, always use the Safe to Remove wizard, or you run the risk the drive may be corrupt/unrecognized the next time.  But, if you can try to remember before you boot, to have the USB drives off or disconnected, I think you may find the black screen does not take as long, especially the larger the external drive.
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I belive is a possible other solutions - this one is not a very good solution.
Windows XP
Windows XP

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