DPM 2010 backing up Exchange 2010 DAG

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I have setup Exchange 2010 to co-exist with our Exchange 2003 environment.

Currently waiting for our backup vendor to fully support 2010.

So in the meantime i have been trailing DPM 2010.

I have been testing this with one database and it seems to backup fine and can do restores.

I have 3 copies of this database over 3 servers and have selected a full backup for all 3, a retention range of 1day with sync of every 2hours.

The only thing is i expect to find only 1-2days worth of logs kept however i seem to always have around 7-8days worth.

The exchange 2010 environment consists of 3x MBX servers (2010 SP1 RU3) and 2x CAS/HUB servers (2010 SP1 RU3). No lagged copies.

Run the test-replicationhealth and mailboxdatabasecopystaus on all 3 servers and they come back fine no copy or replay queue lengths.

The DPM 2010 is running on Server 2008 R2 Standard 64bit.

I found somewhere that someone else had something similar and spent a lot of time on the phone with M$ and put it down to a problem with the Exchange Search service.

I have restarted a number of services but it doesn't seem to help.

Just wondering if anyone else has come across this, only we may have to use this product if our vendor cant put out a DAG aware version.

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are you doing full backups for all three copies of the database, or just a full for one copy and a copy backup for the other two ?


i started doing a full copy of one and copy of the other 2.

However, im now doing full copies of all 3 but still its still keeping 8 days of logs for some reason, so is committing but i only have it on a 1day retention so would expect 1-2days of logs tops.

Just bit concerned when we go live that 8 days of logs could be a bit too much really.
You are doing a daily express full ?
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express full backup i think its classed as....ive attached the shots of the protection wizard ive used...
That looks good, but I would only have the "full" backup on one copy (the "primary" in your DAG, and do "copy" backups on the other two, otherwise your logs _will_ "get in a mess"

Granted I don't know your specific requirements, but I would question backing up three copies of a databases for one days retention, when if you moved to backing up one database copy you might well be able to get several weeks worth of retention. One days worth of retention gives you DR capability, but you have the beginning of that with the DAG especially if one of the servers is in a different physical location. If all three servers and the DPM server are in the same physical location then you would need to bring tape (or a remote DPM server) into the equation.

Going to a 2 week retention period gives you much more, like the ability to recover folders in a mailbox a week after somebody realises that they deleted a folder, not just an email...


how far back do your logs go before they are committed then?

I have made those changes so i'll see what happens
On Exchange 201, but only a single mailbox server (not on a DAG) there is a 60 day retention period with 15 minute frequency, and here are 15 minutes worth of logs on the exchange server.

Logs are truncated/flushed when a full backup is run, I donl't know what effect that this will have if you are running full backups against three copies of one database, but I can imagine that having three separate processes telling Exchange that the logs can be flushed would be "sub optimal"

I have a feeling that somewhere/somehow "something else" has happened.

I'm also wondering if you have set up a lagged copy, and if that could be affecting it.


I dont have any lagged copies.

Ive actually configured it to backup all databases now (full on active only) and copy on passive ones.

Rebooted the servers and it suddenly cleared the logs down.

Im just testing to see if it will continue to work...over next week...will come back to you


Never got to the bottom of it, but assigning points for effort

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