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Working with SharePoint Developer 2007 and Workflows, is there any kind of freebie add-ons or tools that will print a workflow?
Also once a workflow is created it does not look like you can tell what it was created for

run on new
run on change
and for what list
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Screenshots, or create a Visio diagram of your workflow.  I don't know of another way.
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To add to the comment above from nsyyoung:

It's not free, but Visio 2010 Premium makes what you've asked about pretty easy. You can import your workflow into Visio and it will create a diagram for you automatically. Note: this capability is only in the Premium edition of Visio 2010; the Standard and Professional editions do not have this feature.

You can go the other direction also: start by drawing a workflow using the SharePoint Workflow template in Visio 2010 Premium. You can then export the workflow to SharePoint Designer 2010, finish editing the workflow, and execute it in SharePoint 2010.

Finally, there's a very nice feature in SharePoint 2010 that let's you view the progress of the workflow as it executes using a web-based rendering of the Visio workflow drawing.

Two excellent blog posts from the Visio team at Microsoft that walk through what I've described:

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I will test this out thanks

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