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I have set up a form that has a button to allow users to attach a link to a photo. The code for the button is:
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdInsertHyperlink

It works well for the machine that contains the picture. I have now set the drive that the photos and the backend database reside on as a shared drive. I then loaded the Front end on another PC. The program works fine but when I double-click on a photo from the remote machine it won't open, presumably because the reference is to a place on a local drive. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to set it up so that the reference works irrespective of what machine it is loaded on?
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Take a look on this link:

This might help.

By the way, does CarPicture1 the field where the hyperlink displays after you run the acCmdInsertHyperlink?


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"I have now set the drive that the photos and the backend database reside on as a shared drive"

- since you already put the database and picture on  shared drive, you can try 2 option:
1: mapped that shared drive on all pc that need to access that shared drive. use a same mapped drive name for  all such as H:\. make sure you clicked the checkbox on 'always reconnect..' and 'remember password' option if available. in your program, use H:\ as the folder to read the database and picture.

2: use //machinenameORipaddress/sharedfolder/ in your code to refer to the shared drive.

- make sure all the pc have the right previllege and access to that shared drive.


Sorry for the delay in responding. I thought I had closed out but forgot. i ended up using the suggestion made by Mindsuperb as it seemed to work well and easily.

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