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I'm currently in the process of learning Delphi Prism, in order to write a multi-platform application. But I need simple database access and found SQLite as a serious option, since it is small and single-filed. But now, how do I use SQLite from a Delphi Prism application, where I'd like to stick to a write-once-compile-everywhere approach. And everywhere is Windows, Linux and Mac using the Mono-platform.

I'm open to other simple, file-based databases if that is easier to deal with.
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See if this helps since no one has yet presented other options: http://sqlite4delphi.sourceforge.net/ 
This link (page 23) shows an example of connecting to (and creating the DB file if needed) a sqlite database using Delphi Prism.


You will need to test on each platform.  Do you have the hardware to do all that testing?  I suspect that the setup of .NET (or mono) drivers will need to be tuned for each environment.  The nice thing is that the code should run well in each environment, once you are past the setup of the environment.

Let me know if you need more.
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