Joomla main menu is disabled

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I cannot understand what happended.
I installed Joomla few days ago and it worked OK.
Today I tried to install the JA Purity and it had a problem (I submitted another error on it).
Now I tried to install Joomal again, and I find out that its main-menu (the adminstration menu) is disabled.
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Panagiotis Sweb developer - designer

what do you mean try to install Joomla again

have you deleted the old one and try to make a new installation?


when I tried to enter the site (from the browser), it did not show it.
I cahnde the tables in the SQL to jos_ (without the vm) and I now I can enter the site.
But the problem is that I cannot enter the administrator login (because I assume that the password is stored in the data-base), so how can I change it?
Panagiotis Sweb developer - designer

if you have deleted the tables how will you enter the site?
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Are you using joomla 1.5 ??
Here is the tutorial for reseting joomla-s admin password:
It sounds like there are missing javascript files. Open the joomla 1.5.23 installation onto your hard drive. Upload the media folder to your site. See if that fixes the stuck menu.
I have solved this problem.
I think it is very interesting and very important to know.

It happens when you open the Administrator  with uppercase A

Instead of

This is something thatis very important to know because it is very likely to happen.


Thanks for trying to help.

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