Can I use Resource Pools for "delegation only" in ESXi 4.1?

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On a particular ESXi 4.1 server, I have 9 vm's.  I want to set up 3 resource pools and assign permissions to those pools so that a given user can only see the vm's in his resource pool.

But I DO NOT want the resource pool to make any kind of changes or restrictions to the actual resources (CPU, RAM, etc) that a vm can use.

I want to use the resource pools for the purpose of management delegation only and I want the 9 vm's to continue to run as if there were no resource pools at all.

If I use the default settings when I create a resource pool (and assign permissions to that pool), is that the result I will get?

The reason I ask is that when I move a vm into a resource pool I sometimes get this pop-up:

The CPU resource shares for VMxxx are much lower than the virtual machine's in the resource pool. With its current share setting, the virtual machine will be entitled to 0% of the CPU resources in the pool. Are you sure you want to do this?

According to this:

I don't have to worry about this message.

But my question is basically this: once I create resource pools do I have to actually manage the resources or do the default settings allow the underlying resources to be allocated just as if there were no resource pools.

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it describes permissions for resource pools


Please don't make me read an article about "permissions" when I'm asking about "performance".

I just need to know if using the default settings in resource pools in some way limits or alters the way resources are used on the ESXi server.

It seems like the answer is "no" but I would like someone with experience to share that experience with me.

I already know how to access the vmware documentation library.  Thanks.
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Why not just use a folder?  resource pools are there if you want to manipulate resource shares and such, but folders are available for logical/security grouping.  Many people use pools when all they really need to do is use a folder.  rt-click on a cluster and select New Folder when in the VM/Templates view (ctrl-shift-v) to see/use folders.
Danny McDanielClinical Systems Analyst

but to directly answer your question...if you don't change the default settings, no, it won't affect your VM's performance.  However; it does add to the overhead that your vCenter server feels and if you have a large environment, you can affect the performance of your vCenter Server.


Thanks for the advice on folders.

I didn't know about that.

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