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Hi, I  have searched the internet up and down and I cannot get a straight clearcut answer to the following points regarding sbs 2008 installation.
Consider the following scenario;

An SBS 2008 installation with internal domain name jdoe.local
A website hosted with an ISP,

The SBS setup wizard asks for the external domain name so I tell it

I now want to get some remote services running off of the SBS server.
I have a sonicwall firewall installed and have been assigned a static IP, so in theory all the elements are in place. I realize I will have to open some ports on the sonicwall which is fine I will do this in due course.

My question is, , how is this supposed to work.
Do I need to get the DNS records modified at my ISP to point to my static IP ?
OR does the SBS 2008 try to do the DNS stuff by itself ? if it does then what happens the website hosted at the ISP ?

Need an overview on this please asap


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Best practice is to manual configure the dns by your isp. So yes create a A record to your static internet ip address. Also for email create a MX record and point this to Configure the firewall to let port 25 and 443 to your SBS server (and maybe port 987 for connection to Sharepoint)

In this way you leave your internet website alone
Thanks ronnypot,

That's what I figured more or less. Just one question, will I be able to update the DNS settings myself or will I have to get the ISP to do it for me ?
I will be happy to award points once I get an answer to this.

rgds Zod12
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Hi Zod12,

This depends on your dns hoster (isp) if they have a control panel for you to do this, you could do this by yourself other wise they have to do this for you.

Best thing to do contact them and ask for the possibilities.
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SBS 2008 required internal domain name for your local active directory name resolution and external domain is to configure default receipt policy and exchange external domains to authorized incoming emails for your actual domain name. You don't need to modify or add any records until you would like direct email delivery to your exchange server (not the ISP). However, A record for Outlook web access needs to be created if you would like it to publicly available.

Sanjay Santoki



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