linux or windows for a database

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my database support windows or linux (hyperfile sql). i want to know if is a good choice to install it in linux (centos 5.5 server) and what are those benefit

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Linux is always better, please see below;

if your DB suport Linux i think it should support Solaris, if yes than try Solaris.


why solaris and what is solaris
I would say go for CentOS5.5 or Scientific Linux 6.  Both are clones of Red Hat.

Solaris is Sun Micro System's Unix.   Linux is the best way to go.  Solaris was bought by Oracle and so it is NOT in good hands.  Furthermore, Linux is rapidly improving.  You can get good support in it and is a good enough platform to work with.
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The above are very great links to comparing windows and linux

however, it is always about the man behind the screen.

Out of the box, then yes linux might be the wise choice here if you compare the performance, since performance are very high valued in the SQL world. (out of the box)

You should also consider the ease of installation aswell as the setup and managing.

My vote on linux. CentOS is fine. Solaris are more fileserver types (or Solaris db).
Having experience with MySQL Server on Windows 7 and Linux (Debian 6.0 and Ubuntu 10.04), I can tell you that Linux is a better choice. The performance is higher (on the literally same hardware) and the MySQL server runs more stable.


perfect i will continu with centos, like my other server

thanks everybody

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