Extracting colors and adjusting implicit color theme in a CSS-file

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I want to adjust an implicit color theme of my CSS files.
I consider all color asignments in a CSS-file (or multiple CSS-files) as an implicit color theme.

It is a lot of work to manually change all colors to those of a new theme, even when using some search'n'replace-script.

Is there any software allowing a manipulation of all colors in a CSS file at once?
For instance, I would like to manipulate saturation, hue, brightness, tint of all colors in a CSS file at once.

Is there any software for that?

PS: I know TopStype Pro - but with this software you only can change all colors in a CSS file to greyscale. Not very useful but goes in the right direction :-)
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A simple color picker does not have the required functionality.
See the attached illustration for better understanding.

Adjusting implicit color theme in a CSS file

Don't think there is such software, you can try web builders but they aren't free.
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This answer is too general.

I know Dreamweaver and TopStyle. Both are great in managing CSS but do not offer the functionality I am asking for.

Artisteer is a great template builder for Joomla a. o. - it does offer the possibility to adjust and export CSS color theme based on its own internal template - but cannot import anything.
You can use PHP to generate your  CSS document. Then you can define variables for things like colors, fonts, whatever. Simply change the variable to update all the occurrences in the styles.


I know that I could extract colors from CSS with a script (using regular expressions) and than process them somehow. But I do not have time to do that.
I hope that there is already a software which solves the descibed task and need a name of it.
If you know PHP here's a page that shows how to set up color palettes in CSS using PHP:


And here's an awesome framework that will take care of all sorts of dynamic CSS for you—this may be more what you're looking for:



It was a relevant not really useful answer (read the question).


Eventually I found an online tool myself which does exactly what I wanted:

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