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Unable to add more disk space to existing partition (C:)after extending drive in Smart Start Win 2003 Server

Hello, I have a Windows Server 2003 that was running low on disk space.

I currently have 2x36.4gb UltraSCSI drives in RAID1+0 array.
I purchased 4x72.8gb drives to add to the array.

I used SmartStart bootcd to extend the RAID1+0 to include the additional 72.8gb drives. After countless hours, it was complete, but when I boot into Windows- my C: is still 33.91 gb and Windows Disk Management reports that I have 67.83gb Unallocated space. Why wasn't the 67.83gb *ADDED* to the 33.91gb?

See screenshot one for the Array Configuration Utility details and screenshot two to see Disk Management.
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