Unable to add more disk space to existing partition (C:)after extending drive in Smart Start Win 2003 Server

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Hello, I have a Windows Server 2003 that was running low on disk space.

I currently have 2x36.4gb UltraSCSI drives in RAID1+0 array.
I purchased 4x72.8gb drives to add to the array.

I used SmartStart bootcd to extend the RAID1+0 to include the additional 72.8gb drives. After countless hours, it was complete, but when I boot into Windows- my C: is still 33.91 gb and Windows Disk Management reports that I have 67.83gb Unallocated space. Why wasn't the 67.83gb *ADDED* to the 33.91gb?

See screenshot one for the Array Configuration Utility details and screenshot two to see Disk Management.
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Kruno DžoićSystem Engineer
You can transform C disk into Dynamic disk and then span C partition all over disk,


use program like EASEUS Partition Master to span current C partition, and preserve Basic disk status
Top Expert 2012

You  need to extend the drive to the unallocated space

You don't have to convert to Dynamic disk or use EASEUS Partition manager.

You can extend the partition using Diskpart. Follow below steps...

1. Open Command Prompt.
2. run "Diskpart"
3. run "Select disk 0"
4. run "Select partition 1"
5. run "extend"

By running above commands, it extend the partition as well as filesystem on unallocated space

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In the referenced article it states;
There are a variety of ways to accomplish this. For example,if you have a large RAID array or you have a storage area network, and you wantto make a volume larger, you could blow the volume away, expand it into theadditional space, and then re-create it from a tape backup. Keep in mind thatthis method works only if you intend to expand an existing volume using spacethat's on the same physical hard drive or array.

Another option is to take advantage of the new Diskpart.exeutility that comes standard with Windows Server 2003. This utility allows youto create, delete, and manage partitions on your hard drive.

To use Diskpart.exe, follow these steps:

    Open a command prompt by going to Start | Run.
    Enter diskpart in the Open text box, and press [Enter].
    At the DISKPART prompt, enter list volume. Listing A provides an example of the results.
    Enter select volume x, where x is the volume number listed that you want to expand.
    Enter extend, and press [Enter].

First, I want to clarify will this "blow away" my existing volume away? Keep in mind, this is a production server and data loss would be a disaster (even with backups). Also I will not do this during business hours but do want to understand how long it might take? Using HP's SmartStart their guesstimate to expand the array was 1gb every 15 minutes. It probably took half the time but still too long.
Top Expert 2012
If you use diskpart no this will not blow away you configuration

You can do this during business hours will not affect the system.

Once you run command you will have the space right then no time to wait.

If the system is going to have problems the command would fail and revert back to your orginal size.
By running the commands I suggested, it will not blow your partition. Also, it will not take time to extend the partition.

But its a best practice that you should have backup of your volume.
Top Expert 2014
You cannot use dynamic disks nor can you use diskpart, it's the C: drive.

You have to use an offline partition management utility, Easeus as mentioned in the first post, Paragon partition Manager, gparted, bootit NG, and several others will extend C: but only because it isn't C: at the time because you have booted from their CD. If you've converted to dynamic half of them won't work and the other half will offer to convert back to basic disk first.

(actually you can use diskpart but you have to boot it from CD in which case it isn't the boot partition at the time of the extension but the other utilities are easier.)


EASEUS worked like a charm in Windows, however, andyalder was the only one to point out that diskpart does not in fact work in real time because it was a live partition and that a 3rd party app was needed.

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