Managed folders don't appear

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I create a Managed Custom Folder "Dossier de rétention"
I create a Managed Folder Maibox Policies "Rétention de 5 jours" link to Inbox
In the Managed Default Folders, on the Inbox, I create a new Managed Content Settings...
Message type: All Mailbox Content
Length of retention period (dats): 5
Retention period starts: When delivred, end date for calendar and recurring tasks
Action to take at the end of the retention period: Move to a Managed Custom Folder
Move to the following managed custom folder: Dossier de rétention
On the Recipient Configuration, right click onthe mailbox, properties, Mailbox Settings tab
double-click on Messaging Records Management, I click ont the Managed folder mailbox policy
Rétention de 5 jours

On the Exchange Management Shell:
Get-Mailbox "zorlu1" | fl *man*
And the result was: ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy: Rétention de 5 jours

The problem is, the Managed folders don't appear in the mailbox user

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By default the mailbox management assist is set to never run, we need to enable this and set a schedule for the process to run and enforce our policy.

Follow the below link with screenshots(it is almost at the end of the document)

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