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Outlook not highlighting current email in the inbox

I have a user that his outlook does not highlight the active email in his inbox which he is currently reading. I have checked everywhere and cant find and solutions.
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Open Outlook from run...Use below command

outlook /A

and test it again.
what version of outlook and OS you are using.
Kindly try changing the color scheme Under Options->Mail Format->Editor Options if it's Office 2007 or higher.
Try running Office diagnostics under Help menu
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windows 7, Outlook 2007. Tried office diagnostics and no joy. Any other tips?
tried opening outlook using run>outlook /A and yes it opens outlook but as soon as I open an email so it can go to the reading pane the highlighting for that email disappears. I am stomped on this

win 7 ultimate
outlook 2007 pro
Check if there are any rules enabled. Disable all rules. Then test again.
disabling rules did not work. This is so frustrating. Any other ideas?
Hi, IT_Fanatic.

I don't understand the issue.  Are you saying that the user highlights one message but sees a different one in the reading pane?
on the left hand side is the inbox and the right is the reading pane. If I am reading the email on the right hand side and scroll up and down on the email since the email on the reading pane is active the inbox of the email i am reading goes from a dark grey to a light grey highlight. as shown on the picture.

The outlook with the problem is once I make the email on the reading pane active it goes from dark grey to nothing. I cant see what is the current email on the reading pane as nothing is highlighted on the inbox
So the outlook with the issue works as it should on the second image with the inbox being blue. But not the first images when the inbox turns grey since you are reading and scrolling on the reading pane. That is what I need to fix.
I scoured around Outlook to see if this was a configureable option, but I don't see such.

Could we try running a repair of the Office installation to see if this will in variably resolve the issue? Another troubleshooting method to consider is recreating this user's Outlook profile as well.

Also, do you know if anyone else who logs into this system experiences the same issue?
as per your second image, highlighting works fine and not working with the first image right?

Can u try creating a new outlook profile

Go to Control Panel->Mail->Show Profiles->Add and enter a name for it
now open outlook and use the newly created profile and create a new outlook account and check it out
whether the problem is related to profile.

Another one, remove all add-ins from Tools->Trust Center->Add-ins->COM Add-ins

let me know the status.
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going to 2010 fixed the issue