Delay on deleting and moving messages after moving from exchange 2003 to exchange 2010 using outlook 2003

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We upgraded to exchange 2010 from exchange 2003.  About 95% of out users use outlook 2003.  The issue we are having is when we try to move or delete emails rather one at a time or several at once, there is a delay.  The message will still show in the mailbox folder after you delete or move the message and will continue to show there until you select a different folder or close out of outlook and open it back up.  One change that I made was checking the check box for Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server under exchange server settings\ security Tab.  Is there anything else thats needs checked or unchecked?
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This might be because Outlook 2003 in Online Mode

An issue exists where Outlook 2003 clients are slow when configured in Online mode. Users will notice things like moving items between folders and deleting items are slow (the item doesn’t move immediately). Cached mode resolves this issue or alternatively you can follow these steps. Note that this fix does not completely resolve the issue, but it does improve performance of Outlook 2003 online mode a lot.

On the server with the Client Access Role

    Install Exchange 2010 Update Rollup 1 and restart the server.
    Now make the following registry change.
    Create a DWORD called  ”Maximum Polling Frequency”  (without quotes)
    Make the value 10000

Note that this change is dynamic and clients will need to close and open Outlook again for the change to take affect.

Another things you can do to reduce the user impact include:

    turning off the preview pane.
    advising users to open the message and delete the open message, rather than deleting from the Inbox.
This is a known issue that crops up as UDP notification to Outlook was originally taken out of Exchange 2010. If you try to delete the message a second time, you will likely get an "unknown error" pop-up. I have been through this with MS PS support. Installing Rollup 3 v3 for SP1 is a sgood as it gets, and even that only improves matters - it doesn't eliminate the issue. PSS have closed the case for now, but I will drop a comment here if they come back to us later.

You c an read about it here (see the section headed New Mail Notifications and UDP )

THis is the MS KB on it: 


I did both of these and it made outlook 2003 faster but dreadman2k's one artcle had the workaround of running outlook in cache mode and that seems to work best for now.

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