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MySQL table alias names

why does the first example below work, and the second complains of unknown field Sort

        FROM PropertyListings AS PL , Towns AS T, Counties AS C                              
      WHERE PL.TownshipID = T.ID AND PL.CountyID = C.ID
      ORDER BY T.Sort DESC                               <---  (1)  WORKS

        ORDER BY Towns.Sort DESC                               <---  (2)  FAILS

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so when the program encounters the t.fieldname it knows to take it from the town table
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sorry my question was not clear lisa, i'm aware of the benefit of aliases,
but thanks angel, i did not know that defining/declaring an alias then deleted access for using the original table name.  I hear you, that just seems like an unreasonably strict language definition decision for MySQL.

thanks all
hi willsherwood

sorry should have explained better I meant it as when you declare anything as a name you must keep that name throughout so the program knows what field your are referencing

ie when it sees a t.whatever then it knows that its referencing the towns table
i think the term "alias" is a misnomer  :)    

 (maybe a better term would be replacement or re-definition)
I know of the same problems in MS SQL and Oracle ...  so it's not just a MySQL "issue"
thanks (sorry i thought i had closed this, but alas i had not confirmed)