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How do I forward mail addressed to to user2@mycompany when the user1 does not have an account on exchange?

We have recently moved to Exchange and on our old email system we have past employees emails forwarded (user1) onto the new staff member (user2).  Is there a way to do this without re-creating past employees (user1) on exchange?

We are using sbs server 2008 which uses exchange 2007.

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Yes, just add the user1 email address to User2's mailbox on exchange, that will now become an alias for user2.
Then delete the old user1 email address from the other system.

If you do not want the to migrate the old emails:

  Goto Start --> Microsoft Exchange --> Exchange Management console

Expand : Microsoft Exchange On-Premise --> Recipient configuration --> Mailbox
   Double Click the user you want to add an address to
       In the properties box, select Email Addresses
   Click the + ADD button and enter the addresses you wouls like added to the user's mailbox.

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please see the steps below i took to make sure im doing what you asked:

1. Open Exchange management console
2. Edit
3. Added
4. Sent an email from to User1
5. Email received in User2 emails addressed to user2 and the message headers dont mention anything about user1.

I can see my users getting confused if they receive emails not intended for them but address to them. Ideally i want it to be delivered to user2 like is now but somewhere for it to show user1 address.

If you want the header to declare it was forwarded, you will have to create a mailbox for User1 and forward that to user2.  No getting aroudn that, sorry.
The email address that was used to send the email will still appear in the header if you simply do as I or we have recommended.


Thanks.  Works a treat. For anyone else reading this, this is what i did.  

1. Created new mailbox for user1
2. Opened Exchange Management console -> recipient configuration -> user1 -> mail flow settings tab -> properties on delivery option and selected forward address user2. ok'd both windows.
3. sent a email from to user1
4. user2 received the email.  

I was a little confused because when i created user1, exchange automatically called it user11 because user2 already had a alias user1.   Thanks for your help guys.  I know have 2 solutions for forwarding mail.  


Thanks again

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